Three-axis automatic glue spraying machine

Simple Operation, convenient to understand, cost-effective high precision three-axis movement system, can meet a varienty of irregular shape Movement, single and repeated movement using high temprature motor hot melt glue box, stable and safar non-stick panel, using nano spraying Non-stick technology, clean simple and convenient to save glue, reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, wide range of applications, It is suitable for intelligent design of spraying glue on the cover of various products, automatic heating of spraying glue gun after startup, to avoid the residual glue blocking the strong ventilation system, and the material is fixed more firmly

Maximum spray size 1000*650mm
DMaximum height 60mm
Spray width 5-20mm
Maximum moving speed 1000mm per second
Power 3.5KW
Power supply 220V
Machine Dimension 1780*1000*1900mm