UV bottle printer for CUPS CX-360G

Color: CMYK W V and P is for option
Diameter: 35mm to 115 mm
Length:1mm to 270mm
Machine size:2010*860*2020mm
Machine weight:520KG

PrintheadRicoh G5iInk colorK、C、M、Y、W,Varnish
Print resolution960*900DPIPrint speed15S/PCS
Printing diameter40MM-115MMElectricalSingle phase 220V (50/60Hz, AC)
Printing length10MM-265MMTemperature20℃ - 30℃
Taper tolerance0-5 degreesHumidity30% - 60%
Printhead quantity 1-4pcsDustysimilar to office environment
Power requirement50/60Hz AC220/110±>10ADimension of machine1812*660*1820MM

  1. Fast speed,as fast as 15sec/bottle
  2. CMYKW and varnish can be printed at the same time
  3. Easy operation,don't need make mode and repeat tinted,dry immediately
  4. Print effect,graphic,embossing,hollow out plane,local,frosted effect
  5. Wide application,can be printed on ceramic/glass/wine bottle,thermos bottle,steel cup,pen/food can,conicial cup,shaped cup,etc.

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