Automatic Lay flat Binding Machine

  • Automatic gluing
  • Automatic identification bar code
  • Automatic paper impression
  • Automatic paper folding
  • Automatic paper feed
  • Automatic intercalation
  • Automatic fault detection
  • Automatic photo album flattening
  • Automatic book back rolling
  • Automatic identification of double-sheet error reporting
  • Automatic sandwich double - sheet error recognition


Maximum size: 460x800mm
Minimum size: 150x270mm
Mounting speed Maximum speed 3 seconds and a page, 1200 pages an hour
Paper insertion speed Maximum speed 2.4 seconds and a page, 1500 pages an hour
Album production thickness: Maximum thickness 50mm
Paper width 150-460mm
Paper length 270-800mm
Paper thickness 170-350g
Card width 150-460mm
Card length 270-800mm
Card thickness Maximum thickness 1mm
Mounting mode: Insert card into the entire album
Insert the card in the middle of the album
Insert card on the first and last pages of the album
Direct mounting
Machine voltage 220V
Machine power 3.5KW
Air supply pressure 0.7-0.8MPA
Air supply flow rate 400 l/mins
Machine size 2850*1200*1400mm(height)
Machine weight 750KG